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The Necessity of men and Fathers: With excerpts from "When Mama is Daddy"

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

By Kenneth Osborne, PhD

The Male Crisis and Challenge of Father Absence

Women are doing their thing. They are graduating from college at a higher rate than men. They own homes and can do things stereotypically reserved for men. Today, women are founders of organizations and company presidents.

In many areas, women seem to have it going on.

  • But do women need men?

Of course, they do! Now, before you start to think I’m tripping, hear me out. I’ve heard from women that it is possible for a woman to survive and do well without a man; however, they also state that this is often done out of necessity.

  • Truth be told, your social, educational, and financial elevation should not be translated into a lack of necessity of men.

With the old control paradigm shattered that many of us participated in, men are left to discern: What is it we need to do now? Men and women need each other in order to help balance out life. This should not be dumbed down to a one-or-the-other proposition.

  • I can’t imagine a world with Michelle but no Barack, Angelina but no Brad, Jada but no Will, Lucy but no Desi.

The bill of goods being sold is that women can live in an age of peace and prosperity, have more money in their pockets, enjoy great careers, reproduce through the wonders of science, and enjoy social freedom and expression uninterrupted by men.

  • This idea is lulling many women into a false sense of belief that the world can do just fine without men.

This false notion is fed by an undercurrent of anger and resentment surrounding historical male dominance, privilege, exploitation, greed, war, and the left-up toilet seat.

A world without men would imbalance every corner of our social and cultural development.

  • You need us to grow up and face our fears.

  • You need us to be consistent.

  • You need us to walk beside you in this life, not ahead of you.

  • You need us to feel and stop acting like machines or losing the power of speech when talk of feelings comes up.

  • You need us to help make the world safe.

  • You need us to realize taking care of our children is more than just paying child support.

  • You need us to stop leering and staring at you in full-tilt lust, and remember that there are a head, heart, and emotions attached to your body.

Much of modern civilization as we know it exists because of what men have built. I believe it is unconscionable for anyone to stand and declare women do not need men who stand in homes, airplanes, trains, and buses; who drive cars, use computers, take medicines, utilize technologies, or connect to power sources created, built by, maintained, and improved upon by men.

  • Like it or not, the quality of all lives is better when men are around.

I say these things not to diminish the accomplishments of women, but I am just pointing out the obvious.

So, despite this idea of the trendy woman who is able to do and have it all alone, reality doesn’t support that. Women are amazing beings and have accomplished much in the last generation, but when it comes to eliminating men from the picture.

  • Just because you can do it doesn’t make it a good idea.


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